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Balancing The Skin

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

It is the first step to improving skin health and is a key factor in ensuring the skin is properly hydrated and protected from external aggressors.

It’s important that there be an understanding of the lipid barrier and its function. There can be many reasons that contribute to barrier disruption, resulting in irritation, and dehydration. They can include topical medications, exposure to pollution, excessive exfoliation, skin disorders and health concerns.

If your skin is out of balance there can be inflammation, redness, irritation, dry patches, and breakouts. These can range from mild to severe. Understanding the science of professional grade skincare, we can help to create a treatment plan.

However, often times our clients are using skin care products that are causing an imbalance in the pH on the skin’s surface. One of the most common culprits are harsh cleansers that strip away the natural oils on the skin’s surface. And the second is OVER EXFOLIATING. Another common imbalance is an allergy or reaction to an ingredient.

Our goal is to provide a skin care treatment plan that will be determined by the skin assessment and client’s goals. The goals and current skin health are always the focus of the overall skin care plan. We recommend home care products with key ingredients giving the clients healthiest, safest and fastest results.

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