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Microneedling Treatment

The traditional Microneedling also known as “skin needling” or “collagen induction therapy”, is a procedure that rejuvenates the skin by using fine needle pricks to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, scars, and other skin conditions.   The therapy works by pricking the skin with tiny needles that cause a slight injury, which in turn stimulates collagen growth and elastin. This new collagen growth and elastin are what improves the appearance of the skin.


A treatment that creates superficial punctures in the skin through which actives penetrate. The mechanical stimulation of multiple punctures has been shown to lead to a healing process that induces neo-synthesis of collagen and elastin; one reason why Microneedling is often used for the treatment of aging, scars, pore size and stretch marks. 

Benefits of Microneedling Therapy:

  • As we age, our skin loses its collagen and elastin, both of which are key ingredients for keeping our skin looking young and healthy.  If you have thinning, aging skin, Microneedling will reduce these signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Worried about premature skin aging?  Microneedling prevents premature skin aging and aids in the absorption of anti-aging skin care products.

  • If you have stretch marks from pregnancy or weight gain and loss, Microneedling can help minimize their appearance after a just a few treatments.  So, break out the bikini or forget about wearing a shirt to the beach.  Your stretch marks will be gone in no time.

  • Reduction of hyperpigmentation and age spots.  If you have a high production of melanin, Microneedling will shed the top layer of skin to reveal the beauty beneath.


One of our favorite services for facial rejuvenation!

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